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Children of the Light - raising an extra-ordinary being, is the unique spiritual journey of siblings Monique and Michael Morgan. Their book explores the incredible true-life stories of the brother and sister and their navigation through life as psychics, healers and twin flames. The book takes the reader on a journey through their life experiences as well as offering an invaluable guide to parents facing the task of raising their own Child of the Light.

The experiences with spirit were not limited to their family. Monique and Michael were also visited by higher spirits. These included Mother Mary, Jesus and the Archangels, who became their team of spirit guides along their journeys.

As the years progressed, Michael and Monique discovered that they had been gifted with divine talents. They were both able to channel abilities that they were never taught. As the years went on, they would both produce incredible works in both of their gifted areas, not knowing how or where the talents had arisen. Through the guidance of their spirit guides, Monique and Michael discovered their gifts and abilities for healing and have been using these to serve

throughout their life journeys. During this time, they have been blessed with the gift of guidance from their spirit guides along their paths. Their guides have shared with them powerful messages which they would now like to share with you, to help you along your road that is life.